This page is left over from when Mark and I ran for Governor during the special October 2003 recall. I highly recommend running for public office in America once in your life, it was an excellent adventure and I learned a lot.

VINNY PALLAVER: Independent Write-In Candidate for Governor of California

  • Independently unwealthy
  • Almost 25 years old
  • No ties to special interests
  • Pushing for California to adopt the almond as its state nut
  • Will eliminate the CA budget deficit in one year by drastically cutting back spending
  • Smart

Most importantly, Vinny stands for what's right.

On September 23rd, I qualified as a write-in candidate for the October 7th special election. Thank you to the 66 people (all registered independents) who nominated me, and thanks also to Mark "Mouthpiece" Smith for remarkable efforts on my behalf, especially while I was on the Asia leg of my campaign tour.

I received 2 votes!

Just a few of the notable candidates

More Information about the Recall

More Information on Vinny's Campaign

Sunday New York Times mention! (regular or early edition)

For more information, email
Vinny actually reads that email, and welcomes all questions and heckles.

Picture from Vinny's last campaign rally.

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