From the early edition of the Sunday August 10th New York Times

...Not much later, in San Francisco, Vincent Pallaver and his campaign manager, Mark Smith, arrived to file 12 of their 65 signatures. The two men had been up until 3 am pulling together the last-minute candidacy.

Mr. Pallaver, 24, a hardware engineer in silicon valley, deferred most questions to Mr. Smith, 25. "That is what he is for," Mr. Pallaver said.

Mr. Smith said they were on a "tour de county," going from county to county to file the signatures. Under election law, the signatures must be filed in the county where the signers are registered to vote. Mr. Smith said they expected to end up in Sacramento late in the day.

"He is trying to provide Californian's independent voters with a legitimate candidate," Mr. Smith said. "He is not a porn star or an actor. He is someone not represented in other candidates. And he is a young person."

Mr. Pallaver, in a white t-shirt and sneakers, did answer a question about his qualifications to run the country's biggest state, budget problems and all.

"According to the secretary of state, you have to be registered to vote in the state," he said. "and you have to be 18, and I qualify there."

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