Click on one of the frames to see it enlarged!

Artist: Corey
Media: Paint, tissue, string, pasta
Notes: Corey was the first to return a frame, a mere 10 days after they were mailed out!

Artist: Mark
Media: Nails, tar paper, sand paper, siding, washers
Notes: Mark must have raided the rubbish pile outside his perpetually-under-construction home

Artist: Katie
Media: Paint

Artist: Catherine
Media: Glass, mortar, seashells, ice cream jimmies, fake eyelashes
Notes: Catherine's has the distinction of being the most fragile. The mortar flakes off at the slightest disturbance.

Artist: Dad
Media: Posterboard, paint
Notes: Blatant disregard for the project requirements (exceeding +x , -x, and +z specifications). Features recessed eyeballs that stare at me in my sleep.
Artist: Kanako
Notes: Everybody heckle Kanako!!!
Artist: Jodi
Notes: Everybody heckle Jodi!!!

Artist: Misti
Media: Paint
Notes: I think there may be some glitter mixed into the paint on the necklace.

Artist: Kitt
Media: Stickers
Notes: Lots and lots and lots of stickers. My friends are crazy.
Artist: Nori
Notes: Everybody heckle Nori!!!

Artist: Megan
Media: Stamps
Notes: Lots and lots and lots of stamps. My friends are crazy.

Artist: Karna
Media: Paint, glass, printed circuit board, cotton balls, felt